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Miyota Quartz Watch Movements

Miyota MovementsDescription
Miyota movement:0S20.4H MiyotaMiyota movement calendar @4
Miyota movement:1L02-3Miyota 6 3/4X8 day date @3 movement with 3 hands
Miyota movement:1L12 MiyotaMovement Miyota 3 hands date 6x8
Miyota movement:1L22 MiyotaMovement 2 hand 6 3/4 ligne
Miyota movement:1M02 MiyotaMiyota 3 hand date movement
Miyota movement:1M12Movement 3 hand Date @3
Miyota movement:2005 Miyotamovement 6 x 8 3 hands day/date
Miyota movement:2020/2025 MiyotaMiyota 2 hand movement
Miyota movement:2030/2035 MiyotaMovement 3 hand Miyota use for PC21A
Miyota movement:2105 MiyotaMovement, day / date, 3 hand
Miyota movement:2115 MiyotaMovement, date, 3 hand
Miyota movement:5R21 MiyotaMovement Miyota 5R21 2 hand movement
Miyota movement:5R32 MiyotaMiyota movement 3 hand
Miyota movement:5Y20 MiyotaMovement 2 hands 5 1/2L
Miyota movement:5Y30 MiyotaMovement 3 hands 5 1/2 ligne
Miyota movement:6L12 MiyotaMovement 3 hands /date
Miyota movement:6L22 MiyotaMovement 2 hand Miyota
Miyota movement:6L32 MiyotaMovement Miyota 3 hand
Miyota movement:6M12 MiyotaMovement Miyota
Miyota movement:6M50 MiyotaMovement 3 hand day-date sweep
Miyota movement:6M55 MiyotaMovement 3 hand, date@3
Miyota movement:6P29Movement 6 hand calendar movement with 3 eyes
Miyota movement:GM10-6 MiyotaMiyota GM10-6 Movement 3 hands date at 6
Miyota movement:OS10 MiyotaMovement chronograph 3 eye