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Eckcells furnishes spare parts, tools, and supplies for the watch repair industry. If you are in the business of fixing watches, we can supply just about everything you’ll need from start to finish. In addition to our extensive line of ETA spare parts we are a USA distributor of parts for Sellita movements.

Our 40+ years of experience in the watch material business is your key to getting the correct parts you need each time you place an order. We value customer contact and welcome emails <> and phone calls (603-726-7646) to help you select and order the proper parts.

Our prices are always competitive and we endeavor to keep our online prices up to date but, due to major fluctuations in the international value of the dollar, this is not always possible. Prices are subject to change with out prior notice. We will be pleased to submit a proforma invoice for any and all items ordered, before we ship, for your approval.

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